HyQloud Technology​

Hybrid classical-quantum solution for secure data storage​

The secure storage solution

in the clouds

Data sent in the cloud are usually replicated on several servers. This protects against node failure. HyQloud consists in linking the servers together with Qline, to ensure a higher security of the data.

Qline is the ideal architecture to deploy quantum communication at the scale of a cloud availability zone. It secures the communication between the servers to offer the highest security to stored data.

A hybrid

HyQloud combines classical and quantum encryption to offer the most secure storage solution for data in the cloud. It uses a secret sharing scheme to protect the information stored in each server, and quantum cryptography to protect the communication between them.

Similar combinations of classical and quantum cryptography have already been proposed and implemented. However, by avoiding trusted nodes, Qline strengthens the security of this combination beyond anything that can be reached by standard QKD.

The most secure
storage solution

When some data are stored using HyQloud, they are distributed using secret sharing on several server of a given availability zone. This forces an eavesdropper that wants to steal the stored data to attack several servers.

Regenerating and redistributing the shares continuously pushes the security even further, by forcing an adversary that wants to steal the stored data to attack several servers all at the same time!
This combination results in the most secure data storage solution.

HyQloud is the safest
cloud storage solution

HyQloud combines Qline with classical encryption

Secret data are distributed over several servers using Qline. This forces an eavedropper to attack several servers the same time!

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