Qline Technology​

Quantum cybersecurity at the local-area scale

The quantum Ethernet


Qline brings all advantages of Quantum cybersecurity to the local and metropolitan area scale.

It guarantees lifelong data protection even against quantum computers, and prevents data harvesting by hostile organizations.

Qline allows quantum communication beyond point to point. It implements a fully-meshed quantum networks that can be used for establishing shared secret keys between any pair of nodes.

& Properties

Starting from a pair of nodes that are similar to QKD, each additional node in Qline only uses standard telecom components. This makes Qline the easiest solution to scale the number of nodes at a given scale.

In QKD networks, a compromised node can compromise the whole network. Qline does not use techniques like key routing, or trusted nodes.

This makes Qline networks  more secure than QKD networks in the regime of local and metropolitan scale.

The future
of encryption

In the local and metropolitan area scale, Qline can be used to tackle several use-cases that are out of reach of standard quantum key distribution methods.

In large scale quantum communication networks, Qline solves the last-mile problem by increasing the connectivity of the network. By avoiding trusted nodes, it lowers the physical security requirements, making quantum cybersecurity more accessible.

Finally, it can be integrated in datacenters to ensure quantum-safe data backups.

Metropolitan Network

Sectors of application







Qline guarantees that your data
are as secure in the future
as they are when encrypted

Top Level Security

Unlike the most commonly used classical cryptosystems, quantum cryptography is immune to attacks by quantum computers.

Prevents Data Harvesting

Since quantum information cannot be copied, it is not possible to store it to be deciphered later. The security of a quantum cryptosystem is unaffected by future technological progresses.

Over 100 Years of Security

Quantum cryptography can achieve long-term security, or even ever-lasting security. Current cryptosystems can only guarantee security up to 20 or 30 years.

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