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“Data currently transmitted (…) is vulnerable to “store now, break later” attacks since public internet traffic is easily duplicable.”

Quantum Networks ?

What is quantum cryptography?

In the mid-80’s, scientists discovered a way to communicate securely over an insecure communication channel. Their cryptographic protocol, named quantum key distribution, uses the quantum properties of light to reach a much higher security than any classical encryption method.

Since then, Various quantum cryptography protocols have been implemented several times, in both research laboratories and operational environments.

Moreover, it can be used on a variety of supports such as standard optical fiber networks or satellite communication.

& Properties

The security of current encryption methods relies on the computation hardness of mathematical problems. Conversely, quantum encryption offers enhancement that are informationally secure such as key expansion scheme or secure data storage or secure remote delegated computing.

It is the safest solution for the data, with following properties:

  • It guarantees hundreds of years of security
  • It prevents “store now, break later” attacks
  • It protects even against future quantum computer

For the most sensitive data, such as classified information, genomics, or financial data, quantum cryptography offers levels of protection that cannot be reached using classical methods.

The future
of encryption

China, Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada, US or Europe have placed the deployment of their own quantum networks at the heart of their cybersecurity strategy. In parallel, quantum networks have started to emerge at the metropolitan scale all over the world.

Current encryption methods are facing the risk of being broken by future technological progresses or scientific breakthrough. Quantum cryptography is future-proof and makes your data as secure in the future as they are today.

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