Quantum-Ready Secure Cloud Storage

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, securing sensitive data has never been more crucial. At VeriQloud, we are committed to revolutionizing data protection with Qasmat, our groundbreaking secure distributed cloud storage solution. Designed to combat both current and future threats, including those posed by quantum computing, Qasmat ensures your data remains safe and secure.

Why chose Qasmat?

Quantum-Safe Encryption
Qasmat is engineered with quantum-resistant encryption algorithms, ensuring that your data remains secure even against the most advanced quantum attacks.

Keyless Encryption
By eliminating traditional encryption keys, Qasmat removes vulnerabilities associated with key management, providing a higher level of security for your sensitive data.

Distributed Storage
Data is fragmented and stored across multiple nodes, ensuring there is no single point of failure. This distributed approach enhances both security and reliability.

Multi-Cloud Integration
Seamlessly integrate Qasmat with multiple cloud providers, enhancing redundancy and reducing the risk of data breaches. Enjoy the flexibility and security of a multi-cloud strategy.

Continuous Protection
Regular integrity checks and periodic data redistribution ensure ongoing data security. Qasmat constantly monitors and updates its security measures to protect your data.

How Qasmat works?

Secret Sharing

Qasmat is based on the Lincos protocol which itself is based on Shamir’s secret sharing scheme.

Your data is split into multiple shares, which are then distributed across different storage locations. Only a specified number of shares are needed to reconstruct the original data, protecting from single point of compromise.

Quantum-Ready Solution

Shares distribution is secured by quantum-safe encryption. Qasmat is also fully compatible with Qline (VeriQloud’s quantum key exchange systems) and any other ETSI14 compliant QKD providers.

This makes Qasmat the first software designed for running on quantum networks.

Key Features

Advanced Cryptography
Qasmat utilizes cutting-edge cryptographic methods, including Shamir’s Secret Sharing, to divide and securely store data across multiple nodes.

Future-Proof Security
Designed to be quantum-resistant, Qasmat ensures your data remains secure both today and in the future. Protect your data from the evolving threats of quantum computing.

End-to-End Encryption
Qasmat provides end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data is protected from the moment it leaves your device until it is securely stored in the cloud.

Regulatory Compliance
Qasmat helps you meet industry-specific compliance standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, and others. Simplify compliance with robust data protection measures.

User-Friendly Interface
Easily manage your data and security settings with Qasmat’s intuitive web client. Monitor your data protection activities in real-time.

Discover the Future of
Secure Cloud Storage

Experience the next generation of data security with Qasmat. Whether you’re looking to protect sensitive health records, financial transactions, or government secrets, Qasmat offers the highest levels of security, reliability, and peace of mind. Join the revolution in secure cloud storage and protect your data against the threats of today and tomorrow.

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